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and your friends. But its probably not a great idea to go spouting any of these French curse words on the streets of Paris. More of Parisgirls Favorite French Curse Words Phrases. Its also commonly shortened to simply con, which can be loosely translated as stupid, imbecile, or sorry bastard.  Let our friendly drivers chauffeur you Beauvais-Tillé Airport to your destination safely and on time. I can see why someone would be having a fit about that. In fact, being articulate and well spoken is considered to be an extremely valuable asset and characteristic, and while the French also like to curse a lot, the term most often associated with curse words is unrefined. Its perfectly acceptable to say Merde!

Some Pronunciation Tips for French Swear Words. This is a mess. This isnt really a swear word, since its not considered vulgar, but its fun for its literal meaning. Yet, when its used as an expletive, it translates into English as damn, but its considered to be stronger language than damn. Click here for a complete list of airports and cities serviced by GO Airport Shuttle transportation service. Beauvais-Tillé Airport is also referred to in some promotional material as ParisBeauvais Airport. In fact, its preferable to saying Bonne chance! Its so widely used that its often translated as, I dont give a damn, but its definitely more vulgar than that. There are dozens of ways to use this word, including Ne me prenez pas pour un con (Dont take me for a fool Ne fait pas le con (Dont be an ass and Casse-toi, pauvre con (Shove off, sorry bastard).

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We can provide excellent transportation services from Beauvais to Paris. Its salop, and the P is silent. Book NOW, aND, sAVE, beauvais-Tillé Airport (BVA upfront Pricing.  Ask us about sedans to Beauvais. Tous les jours, les libraires Fnac décortiquent lactualité littéraire et partagent leurs lectures en littérature, BD, manga, roman ado Les libraires Fnac farfouillent dans leur bibliothèque et dénichent pépites littéraires, romans oubliés, classiques du genre et coups de cœur du moment. What it literally means, however, is farting lead. Now, just as swearing in your own language is something you need to be careful about (knowing when its okay to let loose with a curse word and when its not the same is true in Paris. The literal translation here is this is a brothel, but colloquially its taken on the meaning of something being a big mess. While conasse more literally means cunt, its used in places where wed use ass in English. The idea youre conveying with this phrase is Ive had it up to here, but the literal translation is the much more colorful up to the rim of the toilet bowl.

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